• Worship is not about us!  Worship is ultimately for God, not us.  Worship is about loving God back (1 Chronicles 16:27-29; 2 Kings 17:36).
  • Worship is an active response to the goodness of God, not just for what He has DONE, but for who He IS — God is king; God is holy and righteous; God is the Creator; yet God chose us through His sovereign grace!  Therefore, we must worship (Psalm 22:27).
  • Worship is intentional and purposeful.  It is not about “style” but rather about substance.  So, we will use music, poetry, drama, multimedia, etc. from old to new to draw attention to HIM.
  • Worship can be inspiring, and it can be convicting; depending on your needs.  The wonder of the ONE we worship is that He meets us where we are!  Whatever your need on that day, in that hour…God can meet your need; it may be through laughter, or it may be through tears.  It may be through loud thunder, or it may be through a still, small voice.  The key is to prepare your heart to meet God.
  • MUSICALLY —  each week at Calvary, we use several people in our team; but there are no “assigned seats” on the team.  In other words, you won’t see the same people on the platform every week as the church “stars”.  No, we have an “open chair” philosophy about our worship team which allows different people to serve in different capacities each week, and also allows time to sit/stand in the congregation and worship.  For different seasons, Easter and Christmas in particular, we form a volunteer choir from the community to present a musical and/or drama.